About the Artist

The iconic work of ingenue Stephanie Coveart, 24, is as playful, fresh and innocent as the artist herself. Steph – who is autistic, developmentally delayed and epileptic – lives, breathes and dreams animals: her 7 pets and the brightly coloured creatures that romp through the fields and forests of her imagination. The fact that she cannot read or write has never stopped Steph from sharing her unique interpretation of the world. She articulates her irrepressible joy and sheer exuberance for life through the irresistible charm of her drawings.

steph at work

Steph at work on a new creation

What people are saying about Stephanie Coveart
and Stephimals…

I am a huge fan of your artwork. I frequent your website and it makes me smile every time. Keep making these beautiful works. You have much talent.

Cassondra Sine, Gallery Director, Gallery ArtPlus

Steph’s work is unique. Her clear lines and shapes, and her colour choices, are exceptionally intriguing. To simplify and abstract is not easy, and Steph’s choices of what to include and what to leave out are different and interesting.

Joanna Strong, Toronto Artist

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