What people are saying about Stephimals…

“You have to do something with these!

John K, creator of Ren & Stimpy

“I am a huge fan of your artwork. I frequent your website and it makes me smile every time. Keep making these beautiful works. You have much talent.”

Cassondra Sine, Gallery Director, Gallery ArtPlus

“Steph’s work is unique. Her clear lines and shapes, and her colour choices, are exceptionally intriguing. To simplify and abstract is not easy, and Steph’s choices of what to include and what to leave out are different and interesting.”

Joanna Strong, Toronto Artist

“I came home a couple of weeks ago and saw the Neighbourhood Living magazine in my mail.  I had just walked in the door and started to flip through it.  I read the article about Steph and checked out her website right away.  I said to my husband that I was going to buy one of her pictures for our daughter for Christmas.  We’re planning to build a new bedroom for her in the basement over the winter and one of Steph’s pictures (or maybe 2!) will be all that we put on the walls.  Our daughter is 13 and loves art. So I bought the first one within 15 minutes of getting home from work.

Then I started thinking about friends of mine who I want to get a Christmas gift for.  They love cats and have one of their own.  She is a kindergarten teacher and her and her husband are also quite artistic and love colour.  I know they are going to love the picture I got for them and I know they will find it very interesting as well.  I am giving them Kramer.  The one I just bought now I am giving to my sister-in-law and her husband.  They also are cat people, love art and will have an appreciation for Steph’s story.

I really find her pictures very interesting.  I love the colours and her interpretation of the cat or dog is fascinating to me.  When I look at her pictures I can feel her innocence and her happiness. Anyway, I know I will be buying more and I have shown a number of people the website and they all love her pictures. I think everyone I know is going to have a Stephimal!

Thank you to Steph for her amazing work!”

Nancy, Toronto

“I love the profile pic. :)”

George Stroumboulopoulos, Toronto

“Beautiful imagery and colours, exudes joy and happiness, pretty amazing….thanks, that’s a great gift for all of us!”

Rude van Steenes, Toronto

“I have always loved ‘kid’ art because it is so innocent and has so much feeling.  Adults cannot draw like children even when they try because they are so influenced by how things “should” be.  Steph’s art is amazing because it has that innocence and you’re seeing the world through her eyes.  No one has told her that a cat can’t have polka dots.  I could write you a hundred notes about why I love it.

Steph truly has a gift (and she is a gift herself!). I know that the people I am giving these stephimals to are going to love them too.”

Nancy, Toronto

“I have to tell you: stephimals have been making the rounds at the office and have met rave reviews. ;) I love that she has a cat named Naya that loves catnip too much.”

Stacey, Toronto

“My little critter arrived and I LOVE him!!!  Thank you so much for creating him. He looks awesome in person!”

Anne, Toronto

“My son has autism. He is 16 years old. I just wanted to tell you that I love HENRY the dog…..he is probably my favorite….but I actually love all of the animals. You are AMAZING!!!!!!!! and I really really love all of the different colors you use!!!!!! Very happy looking drawings!!!!  Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!  :)”

Lisa, Ontario

“OMG.  You have a career, girl, and at a time when many people your age can’t find work or even imagine what they might want to do in life.  You have put together your passion for animals and your love of drawing and you have created something beautiful in the world, and by doing that you are making it a happier, brighter  and more joyful place to live.  Fantastic! And you might be able to help animals along the way as well!  I don’t know if life gets any better than this.
Congratulations, Stephie … and to your loving parents as well.  They have both worked so hard to give you a strong foundation for your future and it is paying off.
Big love to all of you.  This news is a perfect Christmas gift”

Lynne, Toronto

“These are very original Steph. I LOVE your artwork!!!! Keep up the great work!”

Neil, Toronto

“That is truly great.”

Troy, New Brunswick


David, NYC

“Wow…soO good !!”

Mark, Ontario

“Amazing! Love the colours and the stories that go with the animals. Excellent work!”

Christine, Ontario